Sharone is professional,  knowledgeable and very comfortable to work with.  She gave me a great overview of acupuncture & herbal medicine and how it could benefit me.  My treatment has just started but I already feel much better and look forward to continued health improvements. - Frank S. Daly City


During each session, Sharone takes her time to listen as I explain to her my many symptoms.  I never feel rushed.  She offers many tips that can help you lead a more healthy and pain free life.  -SD, San Francisco


Sharone is able and willing to treat the most difficult of cases, and has a fantastic holistic approach. She knows her herbs well, and knows which acupuncture points will get the results I need.  -MR, San Francisco


I've been seeing Sharone for over 3 years now.  She is as good as it gets.  Her skills provide me with immediate pain relief, anxiety control, allergy relief and everything in between.  Above all, Sharone's main concern is me. - Tina B, San Francisco



I do sincerely thank my patients for their kind offers to give me positive reviews, but I'd like to add my own testimonial: this is to those of you who faithfully come in for treatments, cook and drink raw herb teas (yummy!), and follow my sometimes-odd advice: THANK YOU for reaffirming to me the power of Chinese medicine every blessed day, and for proving that the best way to make a difference in one's health is to take it into one's own hands.  I am awed and inspired by you all. -- Sharone

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