Hello Dear Friends and Family!

I hope this finds you well during our shut-in period.  I know it can be inconvenient, worrisome, or even a bit boring, but know that you are helping your whole community stay well by staying home.


I find myself already missing work, coming to the clinic and seeing all of your beautiful faces every day.  My family and I are also doing our best to stay productive, and that includes staying on top of our good health habits.  So I thought:  why not work on one piece of the self-care challenge every day, and share it with all of you?


So here is my daily newsletter to all of you.  If you incorporate one small self-care practice into your routine every day for the next few weeks, just think about how great you can feel when you get back to your normal routine.  Let's treat this imposed "staycation" as a gift for those of us who are not suffering from the virus.

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