About Sharone

My career as an acupuncturist started with my own chronic pain...

I used many types of pain relievers (and probably too much) for many years just so I could soldier through getting through work or school on bad days.  Finally, someone sent me to an acupuncturist!  I’ll never forget the feeling I had after my treatments, floating home down 24th St, feeling no pain.  After a few weeks, I realized, “hmm, I could do this for other people!”  Thus my loooong journey toward becoming an acupuncturist began.

Once I was in acupuncture school, I fell tail-over-teakettle in love with herbs.  My acupuncturist pulled me out of the depths of postpartum depression with an herbal formula.  I plied myself with herbs during a particularly bad bout of the flu and dropped my days-long fever in half an hour.  I took herbs on a daily basis for my immune system and found myself no longer catching the yearly cold-or-two I always had in years past.  Now I take herbs every day (probably too many). 

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